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The mission of StrummerJam is to unite & promote local music scenes, to create a sense of global community, to raise funds for local music non-profits all the while keeping Joe Strummer's flame bright.

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AUGUST 1st-31st

What is StrummerJam?

StrummerJam is a fundraising event presented by The Joe Strummer Foundation.

Throughout the month of August 2018 StrummerJam events are held around the world to celebrate the life, music and memory of Joe Strummer and to help raise funds for music non-profits.

All StrummerJam fundraising events must first be registered via and once approved must be independently organised by musicians, promoters, venues, record labels, DJs, artists and music fans.

StrummerJam is a month-long DIY global fundraising campaign that unites people so that together we can help change the world through music, as Joe said: "without people, you're nothing."

$22,500 (USD)

Total raised from StrummerJam 2016 & 2017

Involving 52 independently organised events, 260 bands, 37 cities, 10 countries, across 4 continents.

Raising funds for Music & Memory, Warmi Rock Camp for Girls, Radio Lolipop, Rock School Studios, Music for Everyone, Variety Children's Charity, The Joe Strummer Foundation and many more.

1. How StrummerJam works

Event organisers register their event idea via this website using the form below and nominate their music non-profit of choice.

We review event submissions and if approved we send a welcome pack containing StrummerJam assets (logos, banners, promotional text), event & fundraising agreement.

Organisers are fully independent, StrummerJam (aka The Joe Strummer Foundation) are not involved in any of the events.

We help organisers set up a fundraising page so they can collect donations online.

Organisers set up their event on Facebook and send us their Facebook event link.

We integrate this into Facebook pages and website and we help promote all StrummerJam events through our own channels and partners.

Donations are collected by the event organisers and after the event donations are made directly by the event organiser to the beneficiary organisation.

2. Who benefits?

2018 will be the 3rd StrummerJam. And in the first two years, we have been genuinely blown away by the amount of goodwill and energy shown by everyone involved.

Nominated charities so far have been Music & Memory, Warmi Rock Camp for Girls, Notes for Notes, Variety Children's Charity, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, The Joe Strummer Foundation, Radio Lollipop Children's Hospital Radio, Glastonbury Radio and many more.

We hope that in 2018 we'll be able to support many more non-profit organisations that are doing great things to help change peoples lives through music.

3. Why StrummerJam?

Joe was very knowledgeable about world music, you only have to listen to his songs and his London Calling radio shows on BBC4 to understand that. He also was socially aware and as The Joe Strummer Foundation, we have always tried to carry his ideas forward.

StrummerJam aims to unite people around the world who feel the same way, people who take action and believe that music can change the lives of those who embrace it.

We are uniting people under a single banner & providing a platform for others to take action, to make lot's of noise, to have fun and to raise much-needed funds in the process.


Join us on our mission, help us spread the word & subscribe today.

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Here's where your questions are answered.


StrummerJam is a month long fundraising event made up of independently organised benefit gigs held in different locations around the world.

Organisers register their event via the REGISTER EVENT page on this website and once approved their event is added to the StrummerJam world map.

Organisers must nominate a local non-profit that uses music as part of their program. Organisers are also free to nominate The Joe Strummer Foundation as their StrummerJam beneficiary.


A StrummerJam event can be organised by anybody with an interest in music - bands, solo musicians, DJs, poets, promoters, venue owners, music merchandise companies & music fans.


Absolutely not! A StrummerJam fundraising can be anything from a busking session in your town centre to a DJ set in your local bar, to a specially arranged event in a venue or a full-on festival 🙂

The idea is that if you want to get involved, you can. Plan your date and location, nominate a local non-profit and send us the details.

We'll put on the world map and will help you promote it!


Of course! Here is a list of ideas for StrummerJam:

  • Organise a gig in your local live music venue with some bands you know
  • If you're a DJ, organise a set in a local bar spinning Joe Strummer influenced tunes
  • Give a gig to StrummerJam - if you have a gig booked in to play during August, donate your proceeds (or part of it), or talk to the other bands and promoters to see if they want to make a donation, raise some funds.
  • Do a busking session in your local town
  • Organise a punk poetry reading in your local book/reading club
  • If you run a regular music night dedicate one event in August to StrummerJam and request a voluntary donation on the door
  • Do a Facebook Live acoustic set covering Joe Strummer songs

If you want to do it, and it's music related, just do it! Don't spectate. Participate. Get involved!


StrummerJam is organised by The Joe Strummer Foundation and our mission statement is: To give opportunities to musicians and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music.

Each StrummerJam event, therefore, needs to be a benefit gig for a registered non-profit that uses music as part of their program.

If you can not locate a non-profit in your area, or you simply would prefer to, you are welcome to nominate The Joe Strummer Foundation as your StrummerJam beneficiary. 


Once your event has been registered with us and we have you set up on the website we will add a donate button to your StrummerJam event page.

You'll then be able to start collecting donations online!

If you need to make a bank transfer, let us know and we will send you our bank details via email.

Collection of donations and transferring deposits of funds to the beneficiary non-profit is the sole responsibility of the registered StrummerJam organiser.