Total Raised To Date:

$ / 30,000

StrummerJam 2016, 2017 & 2018 campaigns surpassed our $30,000 USD target!

What can we achieve in 2019?

Here is how we plan to raise money, and what we'd like to do with it.

StrummerJam is an initiative created by The Joe Strummer Foundation as a way to bring live music scenes together and unite bands, venues and promoters around the world to raise funds for their local music non-profits.

Nominated Charity

StrummerJam organisers need to nominate a music charity as their beneficiary for their StrummerJam event. We encourage local organisers to nominate a local charity but organisers also have the option to nominate The Joe Strummer Foundation.

StrummerJam Fund

You also have the option to donate directly to the StrummerJam Fund by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the top of this page. The fund has been set up specifically for this campaign and proceeds will go towards undertaking and supporting financially new projects that The Joe Strummer Foundation aims to help.

Joe Strummer by Rankin - StrummerJam, The Joe Strummer Foundation

Photo credit © Rankin

"without people, you're nothing"

- Joe Strummer